The Peoria Handicap System Enables Everyone a Chance to Win

Golf4Good employs the Peoria Handicap System, a long-accepted, one-day handicapping system that works well in golf tournaments in which most of the players participating lack real handicap indexes.

Before the tournament, the golf course pro selects six holes, typically two par threes, two par fours, and two par fives. Often each par pair is split so that one is located on the front nine holes, and the other is located on the back nine. During the tournament, neither competitors nor tournament committee members know the locations of any of the six selected Peoria holes.
Tournament teams tee off and complete their rounds, playing a four-man scramble format with one exception: double par is the maximum. This means that six is the maximum score for a par three, eight is the maximum score on a par four and ten for a par five.

Following tournament completion, the tournament officials announce the six Peoria hole locations. The course pro will determine team Peoria handicaps and net scores at the course pro shop so that tournament golfers can devote their attention to celebratory activities.

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Rules of Play

USGA rules govern play except where local rules prevail.

Prevailing Local Rules

Courtesy Fast play makes fast friends.
Golf Carts Follow cart direction at all times.
Golfers with a pro-shop-issued handicap flag may drive beyond the cart directional sign but must remain 30 feet from greens and tee boxes.
Incomplete Teams Teams missing a player due to a no-show, odd number of players registered, etc. select a rotation by remaining players. Teams shall rotate members on a per-hole basis to play a second ball. Thus, giving the team four balls in play on each hole.
Maintenance Replace divots.
  Smooth traps.
  Repair ball marks on greens.
Mulligans Mulligans are "Team Mulligans" and will be available for a donation of $10 each, up to a total of 18 (no more than one per hole may be used) per foursome.
  Players may use mulligans on any course hole or shot except to better their shot for a contest hole competition.
  Players may choose to use their original shot if the mulligan shot does not better the original.
Paved Cart-Path If path interferes with stance or swing, drop to nearest relief rather than dropping nearer to the hole. No penalty.
Perimeter Fence Do not cross a perimeter fence to play a ball.
Putting On the green, players must putt within six inches
  of the selected ball, not nearer the hole.
  All scoring putts must be stroked into the hole.
  First ball in the hole determines the score.
Scorekeeping Record gross team scores only.
  The course golf pro will calculate the Peoria handicaps.
Scramble Format On each of the 18 tees, each team player hits a tee shot. The team selects one of the tee shots and immediately moves to pick up the balls no longer in play.
  Then each player, in turn, shall place a ball within one club's length from where the ball came to rest, not nearer to the hole and hit his next shot within one club length of the selected ball.  The process is repeated after each shot until t he ball is in the hole.  See "Putting" for procedure on the green.
  In determining the club length, players may not change condition of the ball. For example, the ball may not be moved from the rough to fairway, or from inside a hazard or bunker to outside of the hazard or bunker, or from off the green to on the green.
  When a team selects a ball on the green, each player on the team will putt from within six inches of the original position of the selected ball. If any member of a team putts a ball into the hole, the hole is completed
Stake Colors White indicates out of bounds
  Red indicates lateral water hazard
  Yellow indicates water hazard
Teeing Off Each team must use at least two tee shots
  from each player on the team.
Tie-Breaker Ties will be broken by comparing gross and/or net scores in the following order;
  1. Back nine total
  2. Front nine total
  3. Match handicap holes one by one until one team has Lower handicap holes. The first team to have an advantage in this process wins.

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Contests and Prizes

Tournament contests and prizes include a hole-in-one contest with a prize of a new automobile provided by Hoehn Motors awarded to the first player to score a hole in one at the selected hole.

Tournament Winners

1st Place Gross Helen Kurz trophyy and individual trophies (4)
1st Place Net Peoria Individual trophy (4)
2nd Place Net Peoria
Individual trophy (4)
3rd Place Net Peoria
Individual trophy (4)

Men's #7 Trophy
Ladies #7 Trophy
Men's #9 Trophy
Ladies #9 Trophy
Men's #14 Trophy
Ladies #14 Trophy
Hole-in-one Men's & Ladies #17 New car
Longest drive Men's #18 Trophy
Longest drive Ladies #18 Trophy
Straightest drive (1) Trophy
Putting champion Trophy

The putting contest will be conducted before golfers tee off. Putting contest participants may commence as soon as they are registered.

In addition to trophies to individuals, the name of the church represented by the Tournament Champions (lowest overall gross) will be engraved on the F. Helen Pratt-Kurz perpetual trophy. The trophy will be displayed at the Champions’ church for a year.

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The F. Helen Pratt-Kurz Perpetual Trophy

The Golf4Good tournament committee named the annual tournament trophy in honor of F. Helen Pratt-Kurz, a graduate of San Diego High School, lifetime San Diego resident, and business partner-owner-operator of Keith's Drive-In restaurants. In 2004, when Mrs. Pratt-Kurz died at the age of 98, she bequeathed an extremely substantial amount to the Presbytery of San Diego for exclusive use by the Presbyterian Crisis Center, the former name of Presbyterian Urban Ministries (PUM ) from 1968 to 2006.

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